Rituals Scented Candles

The decorative scented candles give every room a very personal touch. They create warmth and cosiness and  increase the well-being of your guests. The exquisite scent compositions were created by the best perfumers of the world. All fragrances consist of distinctive aromatic plants, fruits, woods and leaves.

In everyday life and when travelling, it is important to treat yourself to special moments of peace and regeneration. With the luxurious fragrances from Rituals, every moment becomes an extraordinary sensual experience. The scenting makes the stay in the hotel especially pleasant and will be remembered for a longer time.

Scented Candles 290g

Glass, 50 hrs. burning time

The Ritual of Ayurveda
Indian Rose & Almond Oil

The Ritual of Jing 
Sacred Lotus & Jujube

The Ritual of Happy Buddha
Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood

The Ritual of Sakura
Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom

The Ritual of Hammam
Eucalyptus & Rosemary

The Ritual of Karma
Holy Lotus & White Tea

Scented Candles 360g

Glass, 60 hrs. burning time

Black Oudh
Private Collection

Sweet Jasmine
Private Collection

Green Cardamom
Private Collection



Scented Candles 1000g

Glass, 70 hrs. burning time

Wild Fig XL
Private Collection

Imperial Rose XL 
Private Collection




Quality commitment

  • Natural perfume oils.


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