Rituals Gift Sets Small

The exclusive gift sets from Rituals are wonderful pampering gifts for special guests, friends and employees. They are filled with soothing care products. Inspired by Far Eastern rituals such as Hammam, Ayurveda, Sakura, Dao and Samurai among others, exquisite raw materials have been combined with exquisite fragrances from the world's best perfumers.

The results are moments of happiness to give away, beautifully packed in gift boxes of different sizes. Ritual's products are developed with passion to embellish the little things in life with a little luxury - for a little bit of happiness in everyday life. Rituals products are true luxury goods for body, mind and soul. 

- Perfect also for retail sales -

The Ritual of Jing
Calming Treat

White Lotus & Jujube

50ml Shower Foam 
70ml Body Cream
50ml Dry Oil 
20ml Pillow- & Body Spray

The Ritual of Mehr
Energising Treat

Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood

50ml Shower Foam
70ml Body Cream
70ml Body Scrub
50ml Room Spray

The Ritual of Karma Soothing Treat

Lotusblüte & Weißer Tee

50ml Shower Foam
70ml Body Cream
70ml Body Scrub
30ml Shiny Body Oil

Quality commitment

  • Effective plant extracts.
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested. 
  • No animal testing.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.


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