Rituals Gift Sets Small

The exclusive gift sets from Rituals are delightful gifts for pampering special guests, friends and employees. They are luxurious for body, mind and soul. Inspired by Far Eastern rituals such as Hammam, Ayurveda, Sakura, Dao and Samurai fine ingredients were combined with exquisite scents of the world’s top perfumers. The result are moments of happiness, beautifully packaged in different sized gift boxes. Rituals products are developed with passion to beautify the little things in life with a bit of luxury - for a little bit of happiness in everyday life.

- Perfect also for retail sales -

The Ritual of Sakura
Renewing Treat

Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom

110ml Hand Soap
  50ml Shower Foam
  70ml Body Cream
  70ml Body Scrub

The Ritual of Dao
Calming Treat

White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren

70ml Shampoo
50ml Shower Foam
75ml Shower Oil
70ml Body Cream

The Ritual of Ayurveda
Rebalancing Treat

Indian Rose & Almond Oil

70ml Shampoo
50ml Shower Foam
70ml Body Cream
50ml Body & Hair Oil

The Ritual of Hammam
Purifying Treat

Eucalyptus & Fresh Fig

110ml Hand Soap
  70ml Shampoo
  50ml Shower Foam
  70ml Black Soap

The Ritual of Samurai
Invigorating Treat

Bamboo & Cedar Wood

70ml Ice Shower Gel
50ml Shower Foam
70ml Shaving Cream
50ml Deodorant Spray Sport

The Ritual of H. Buddha
Energising Treat

Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood

50ml Shower Foam
70ml Body Cream
70ml Body Scrub
50ml Room Spray

Quality commitment

  • Effective plant extracts.
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested. 
  • No animal testing.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.


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