Dispenser Concept

The 100% hygienic, closed dispenser system Made in Europe highly respects the environment thanks to an airtight, 450ml refill pouch with
a regulated 2ml dispenser. This low consumption reduces the amount
of waste significantly as well as the housekeeping costs. The elegant and efficient dispenser can be filled upon request with a wide range
of cosmetics. A sterile vacuum-filling prevents oxidation and bacterial contamination and thus guarantees freshness and purity. The front of the dispenser can also be customized upon request. A high-quality In-Mold Labelling guarantees a resistant, anti-wear surface for the product’s life cycle.

- Customizable upon request -

Refill 450ml

Hair & Body Wash


Hand Wash

Hand & Body Lotion




Quality commitment

  • EU Ecolabel certified.
  • Without parabens.
  • pH skin-neutral.

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