Rituals Hotel Collection – Luxury

The Rituals Luxury Collection takes you on a unique and exciting journey to Far Eastern cultures. Close your eyes and let every single ritual such as Hammam, Ayurveda, Happy Buddha and Karma take effect on you. Experience the caring effect of the exclusive active plant ingredients, which have been refined with beguiling scents by the world's best perfumers.

All products of the Luxury Collection have been developed with passion to transform your hotel room into a personal spa. Your guests can enjoy an extraordinary wellness ceremony that will give you a precious and sensual moment. A moment of bliss that relaxes and revitalises body, mind and spirit. More than 800 hotels worldwide love RITUALS.

Flacons 47ml

with flip-top cap

Shampoo Ritual of Karma
Heiliger Lotus & Weißer Tee

Conditioner Ritual of Hammam
Eukalyptus & Frische Feige

Shower Gel Ritual of Happy Buddha
Süße Orange & Zedernholz

Body Lotion Ritual of Ayurveda
Indische Rose & Mandelöl

Soap 40g

square, in paper wrapper

Cream Soap Ritual of Sakura
Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom

Accessories Box

Luxury Tray

antique white
antique blue

Quality commitment

  • Effective plant extracts.


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