Essentiel Elements Spa / Gilchrist & Soames

Delight your guests with a luxurious, invigorating bathing experience with the Essentiel Elements Spa Collection from Gilchrist & Soames. The world-renowned Gilchrist & Soames brand stands for excellent quality down to the smallest detail. The highest level of customer satisfaction is achieved with passion and perfectionism. A responsible approach to people and nature is a top priority.

The Essentiel Elements Spa Treatment features fully biodegradable formulations containing 97% natural ingredients, packaged in recyclable tubes. Mallow extract and panthenol make the hair shiny while Vitamin E, coconut oil, and shea butter leave the skin well-nourished. The unique fragrance blend of rosemary and mint stimulates body, mind and soul leaving guests refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Tubes 30ml

with screw cap

Mallow Extract


Conditioning Shampoo
Mallow Extract

Shower Gel
Vitamin E

Body Lotion
Coconut Oil

Soap 28g

square, in flow pack

Cream Soap
Shea Butter

Quality commitment

  • 97% effective plant extracts.
  • Without parabenes.
  • Biodegradable formulations.
  • Recyclable tubes.
  • No animal testing.


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