Create your own!

Create your own!


More authenticity to the smallest detail

Individuality creates a personal note.

Original, superior hotel cosmetics have their own special kind of magic. The perfect interplay of an imposing design, an inspirational aroma, a harmonious colour and the feel of perfect care can deliver an emotional impact. Influential impressions … that your guests will be reminded of. Your guests will feel pampered by the very personal message of your hotel.

Design with us special moments.


Personalization generates sympathy and confidence.

Personalized products convey the wonderful feeling that in your hotel the fascination and passion for detail is reflected also in the smallest.  We are able to make your guests experience these positive feelings.
Our passion for cosmetics, our excellent know-how, our powerful creativity and a business spectrum that leaves nothing to be desired makes this possible.

Open with us a new chapter in successful guest relations.

Customized hotel cosmetics and guest supplies


You can sign selected cosmetic care lines and accessories from our range with your own logo.


Feel free to go one step further and create your own product from our existing portfolio of flacons, tubes, recipes, scents and colours.


Of course, you also have the option to create a not yet existing, made-to-measure range that particularly reflects the individuality and uniqueness of your hotel to the smallest detail. 

Whichever way you decide, we implement your thoughts, ideas and visions into a holistic product concept designed to suit your style, charm and budget.

Our solutions are always unique because they are personally created together with you with bundled competence. We only speak to you in person and in the surroundings of your hotel. Being experienced insiders in the hotel sector we speak your language.


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